The WorkWell Audit was developed by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WS&IB) to evaluate the Health Safety Management System in a workplace. Under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) employers are required to have a formal Health and Safety policy and a program to enact the policy in the workplace.

The WorkWell Audit was designed to confirm that the system was in place and properly functioning. It is a stringent standard to meet however firms which did meet the standard experienced major improvements in their Health and Safety performance both in terms of the number of injuries and the severity of the injuries. The reduction experience reduced losses and usually leads to refunds from the WS&IB experience rating programs (NEER).

The WS&IB is currently redesigning the WorkWell Audit program and have stopped assessing fines. They have also added a section on Early and Safe Return to Work which is a major focus of the WS&IB at this time.

We recommend conducting your own WorkWell Audit to ensure your Health Safety Management System (HSMS) is in place and functioning properly. We can provide an impartial assessment of the current state of your HSMS and make recommendations to improve your system. Being external to your company allows us to provide a fair and balanced assessment.

The WorkWell Audit usually requires only a day on site to conduct. We complete our report and provide a draft for your review. We will then schedule a brief meeting to review our findings and recommendations.

Contact us today and be assured your Health Safety Management System (HSMS) is inplace and effective to reduce the hazards and control the risk.